Volume 4 Issue 3



Emerging trends in the aesthetics of rhinoplasty: from local to global

Pietro Palma, Iman Khodaei, Irina Vasilenko

The concept of ‘beauty’ can be bewildering in its scope and variation through time and geographical location... Click here to read more

Lymphoedema surgical treatment: myths and facts

Jaume Masia, Gemma Pons, Elena Rodriguez-Bauza

Lymphoedema may be defined as a specific pathological condition characterised by swelling of the soft tissues, especially in the subcutaneous plane... Click here to read more

HOW I DO IT            Section Editor - Dalvi Humzah


Luca Lancerotto, Kenneth J Stewart, Anas Naasan, Adeeb Paddy Naasan

Otoplasty techniques to correct ear prominence can be broadly divided in two categories... Click here to read more


Can I quit the gym? Low level laser and body contouring

Alexandra Bonsall, Sanjay Rajpara

Balancing energy intake and energy expenditure is the healthiest and most sustainable means of weight loss and toning, but despite this, areas of local fat deposition may persist... Click here to read more

Lip augmentation

Victoria Smith

I have not found a good manual on how to run an aesthetic clinic, and from personal experience, I can state that it is very naive to think that it is easy... Click here to read more


Could epidermal grafting be the solution to vitiligo?

Sotirios Foutsizoglou


attended the ‘Make Better Summit Meeting’, an international surgical congress organised by Acelity™ and chaired by Professor Dr med... Click here to read more

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